ABB Powerscale Standalone 10 – 50 KVA

Standalone three-phase UPS system available in seven power ratings from 10 to 50kVA and in different cabinet sizes enabling you to choose the ideal internal battery capacity for your critical load. A true online, double conversion, VFI (voltage frequency independent) UPS system that offers exceptional reliability and unprecedented power availability for mid-size server rooms, networks, telecommunication systems and industrial processes.

The three-phase UPS for critical applications

High reliability
• Online double conversion technology
• Parallelable systems for increased redundancy

Low cost of ownership
• Scalable power and autonomy time
• Small footprint / high power density
• High efficiency at partial and rated loads (up to 95.5%)
• Reduced installation costs
• Ripple-free and temperature controlled battery chargers extend battery life time performance
• Low input harmonic distortion (THDi <3%)

Flexible design
• Available in seven power ratings and three cabinet sizes
• Parallel capacity up to 20 units
• External battery cabinets for extended autonomy

Efficient service concept
• Manually operated maintenance bypass switch
• User-friendly LCD
• Ergonomic design for easy serviceability
• Remote monitoring and connectivity options

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